In September 2011, CIC launched a series of informative and hard-hitting publications as part of its Azerbaijan Study Programme, the first of which, ‘Azerbaijan: A Pivotal Nation in a Critical Region’ (September 2011), provides an essential grounding for international business and public affairs audiences.

The most recent of these, “Media and Social Networking in Azerbaijan” (May 2013), assesses the present state, and future prospects, of freedom of the media and social networking in Azerbaijan.

CIC has also published the results of its first Public Opinion Survey of Azerbaijan (November 2011), part of a 12-month study of Azerbaijani public opinion conducted in association with Populus, the London-based opinion research professionals that include The Times and the British Conservative Party among their clients.    In the first of a series of polls, a representative sample of 1,000 Azerbaijani people have given their answers to questions on topics such as the economy, quality of life and the performance of the President and Azerbaijani government.   The results are quite remarkable.